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Sold! L@@KING for More!
Used Grooming Van / Mini Bus for Sale
2014 Ford e-350 with Solar!
Rent/Lease Option $10K Down $450 per Month for Two Years
with a Balloon Payment & Here is How this Works

(From the actual agreement)

  1. Lessee to pay a non-refundable $10,000 down payment as consideration to said agreement.  
  2. Monthly lease/rental payment is $450 per month for 24 months.
  3. Should lessee choose to exercise her/his purchase option then ½ of all monthly payments will be applied towards the purchase price.  Example:  450*12+10000/2=10,400
  4. Purchase price of vehicle at the end of lease agreement (residual value) is $14,595.
  5. Lessee will have a remaining balance of 24995-10400=$11,400 to own said vehicle.
  6. If Lessee choose not to exercise his purchase option of the vehicle at the end of the lease term, then Lessee is entitled to (0) zero refund from all monies paid.

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Pictures of the bus!

ford grooming bus

We Will Convert your Mini Bus Into a Grooming Mobile

This Mini Bus (sold last year)is similar, Watch Video!


Hello folks and thanks for visiting. The value of this "Mobile Dog Grooming Van / Mini Bus" is $24,995. This is for the 2014 mentioned above. I have built many of these in the past ten years. I build them so they are simple to repair. It comes with the following:

  1. The cabinets are built to walk the dog straight into the tub so you don't break your back.
  2. 48" Tub
  3. 50 gallon clean water tank
  4. 30 gallon grey water tank
  5. Two water pumps.
  6. A water heat exchanger. You don't need a propane water heater. This is done the natural way.
  7. Don't waste your money on propane.
  8. Six batteries. We use an invertor. No need for a generator wasting your money on gas and repairs.
  9. A 5000 watt invertor.
  10. A 55 Amp charger
  11. This dog grooming mini bus is solar ready.

Call me with any questions. My name is George I can be reached at 818.512.8125

Got Questions Call George 818.512.8125 After 8a.m. PST