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Testimonies From a Few of Our Students, and There Are a Lot More!
Charlette B. - Student 

Buena Park, CA

“I am a passionate Animal lover (my favorite beings dogs). When I decided to pursue a career as a dog groomer, I researched many different online-correspondence and traditional brick and mortar schools. I decided to go with “Wag My Tail” OnlineGroomingSchool.com The program includes, the “My Dog Grooming Guide,” and instructional DVDs, sent directly to my home. Both the grooming guide and videos are supplemented with a vast and comprehensive step by step instruction demonstrated by an expert and seasoned Groomer! I love the reality that I can learn in the comfort my own home and in my own time schedule!

I am almost completed with my course and have one more dog to groom; And since I’ve been enrolled at “Wag My Tail” OnlineGroomingSchool.com and started the course, I have been tremendously excited about the progress that I have made. I can’t say enough good about the curriculum, the materials or staff. I have been enjoying the experience and hands on exposure to grooming dogs.  You are instructed to find dogs to groom and practice on by your own initiative; And the course gives really great ideas to find dogs. The actuality that you search out your own doggie patrons and owners, may serve as an established investment for future clientele. To me, if you are going to be in business for yourself, the necessity to search out dogs is an essential business strategy. Continue reading -->

Sarah onlinegroomingschool.com student
Sarah from Monterey Park

This is an affordable program and does not take a long time . The work is easier than I thought as I use to be a hair stylist. The animals  are friendly , never had a bite or attack from any of the animals . Of course the school teaches you some skills about how to deal with them . It's physically tiring but it brings lot of happiness .
After the program . George suggested me to get a ford bus to go mobile , because I wanted flexible schedule and less investment on the business . George is very talented with building buses . I personally thinks he is more like a college professor or an engineer rather than a business major . He Gave me useful suggestion and now my bus is almost ready ,I cannot wait to start my business!

I will certainly suggest my friend to attend the school . It's much better than any other career if you are an animal lover.   


Ronny Whaley onlinegroomingschool.com student

Hi everybody!!

I am a new current student! I am so glad and grateful. After watching one video, I was hook! It is so detail, with a lot of understandable information. I have groom my dog (Prince) twice, and saved a lot of money. He looks really good to me. I love what I am doing! I look forward to moving on up the latter of Dog grooming. Wish I would have started earlier!

Ronny Whaley

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Become a "Certified Pet Hygienist & Pet Groomer"

**Follow the instructions. Groom five dogs (your own, family, friends, shelters, humane societies, craigslist ads, etc.... send the before and after pictures, take the final open book test, and that's it. You have one year to complete, but many finish between four weeks and three months.**

Establish a Clientelle of 200 pets per month and earn $7,000 per month or
$84,000 / Year!

Foreign students welcome!

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Certified Pet Hygienist & Pet Groomer
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  3. Read "My Dog Grooming Guide" online!
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  5. All instructions and test materials! And once completed, you'll receive:
  6. A "Pet Hygienist Certificate"
  7. A "Certified Pet Groomer Certificate"

Certified Pet Hygienist & Pet Groomer

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"My Dog Grooming Guide" a $79.95 Value!
Over 160 AKC Breeds
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Over 480 Pages!!!!

my dog grooming guide


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