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petco Hello, I am a Grooming Salon manager at Petco in Farmington Ct. I was wondering if you had anyone graduate a grooming couse lately. If you have anyone graduating soon, please have them come to the Farmington Petco for a job interview. Thank you



I am the owner of Kozy Kennels, Inc., which is located in Mansfield, MA www.kozy-kennels.com . I am seeking a bather/brusher with a fair amount of scissoring experience. I have employed the same head groomer for over 20 years who graduated from the Pedigree School of Grooming in 1987. Our head groomer has worked with a graduates from other grooming schools to assist them with their talents and goal of heading up their own salon.
I did not find anywhere on your website for employment opportunities. Would you please confirm that you have received this request and whether you may have someone in mind for the position.
Thank you,
Linda Sohn